Kindel Gagan provides tailored issue positioning and message development for virtually every assignment, no matter how small, and develops strategic communications plans for larger projects.

Community Outreach

Kindel Gagan’s community outreach services include coalition and consensus building, community education and engagement, community mobilization and empowerment, and grassroots organizing and management.

Education Services

Kindel Gagan serves a variety of clients who believe that public education is essential to democracy and who aim to improve the quality of education for all students, promote teachers and training and provide effective and transparent governance.

Land Use

Kindel Gagan provides a full range of services regarding entitlement, planning, siting, development and environmental mitigation.

Government Contracting

Kindel Gagan principals have represented clients on some of the more visible public agency procurements for more than two decades.


Kindel Gagan represents public and private companies, associations and non-profit organizations before government agencies and jurisdictions.

Public Affairs

Public affairs and lobbying firms help clients understand the intricacies of the government jurisdiction or agency they are facing and the layers of laws and regulations that affect the client’s issues in order to obtain a favorable result.